Central High School

Armed Forces Day Parade 2021

As many of you know the annual Armed Forces Day parade is always the first Friday of May. Although last year’s parade was significantly modified due to COVID, we were able to have more Cadets participate this year. A sign that once was, could be again. Having said that we asked that Cadets be allowed to JROTC during advisory to prepare for this event and we want to thank all of you who were willing to sacrifice that time in the interest of the Cadets and their success. Sadly we did not get to take everyone due to COVID protocols, the Cadets on display represented Central High School, the JROTC, and themselves in an outstanding display of professionalism and precision. We have included a video highlighting their hard work that earns them the best of best recognition by those in attendance. Enjoy and congratulate them on such an outstanding performance!




Very Respectfully,


Michael J. Dupre



Master Sergeant, USA Retired

JROTC-Army Instructor

Chattanooga Central High School


5728 State Hwy 58

Harrison, TN 37421

Office: 423-344-1447

Email: [email protected]

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