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Sammie Jones awarded Athletic Trainer of the Year!!

Athletic Trainer

Certified Athletic Trainer – Sammie Jones, M.Ed. LAT, ATC, ITAT



            Sammie started at Central High School in June 2017. Sammie is a board-certified athletic trainer, licensed in both Tennessee and Georgia. She is an ImPact Trained Athletic Trainer and holds multiple certifications in RockTape’s FMT classes. Sammie is originally from Littleton, Colorado. Prior to Central High School, Sammie received her bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training from Northern Kentucky University. She did a variety of clinical rotations during her time at NKU, including high school, college, and clinic rotations. After her time at NKU, she completed a graduate assistantship at Mercer University working primarily with Women’s Soccer and Cheer & Dance. While at Mercer, she completed her Master’s in Education.

            Sammie is currently employed through Erlanger Health System and covers all sports at Central High School. Sammie works closely with the team physicians and the physician’s assistants at the Erlanger Sports and Health Institute.


If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to Sammie at [email protected]




: Chattanooga Central Athletic Training - @chatt.central.at




: @chatt.central.atc






  • Sammie will evaluate all injuries that occur at practice and/or games that she is aware of.
  • If your child comes home complaining about an injury that is not a medical emergency, let their coach or Sammie know so she can evaluate it and make a referral if necessary.
    • Athletic trainers can save you money in the long run by being able to evaluate, rehabilitate, and treat a variety of sports injuries.
  • If you take your child to a doctor, please make sure your child has a doctor’s note to turn into their coach/Sammie, so we are aware of any restrictions/physician clearance.


Team Physicians & Physician’s Assistants

All of our physicians and PA’s can be seen at the Erlanger Sports and Health Institute. Call (423) 778-3390 to make an appointment:

Erlanger Sports & Health Institute Walk-In Clinic

1100 E 3rd St.


Chattanooga, TN 37403

(423) 778-3390

Hours: Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm; Friday 8am-11am



During football season a Saturday morning walk-in injury clinic is offered from 8am-11am.


Athletes are more than welcome to make an appointment or walk in to see one of the PA’s or Dr. Garrett during the week.




Student-Athletes need a new physical for each school year dated after April 15th. Athletes need to have all forms completed in order to participate in athletics. Please go to the Important Athletic Forms section to get the physical forms. All necessary forms are:

            -Medical History

            -Physical Examination Form

            -Sudden Cardiac Arrest Acknowledgement

            -Concussion Statement

            -Consent for Athletic Participation & Medical Care


Athletes and their parents should complete the registration for DragonFly Max and fill out all required forms online. All forms can be completed electronically with the exception of the Physical Examination form that is signed by the doctor. This form will need to be uploaded (either a picture or a scan is fine as long as it is readable). This is our online paperwork system that we use to ensure every athlete is eligible to compete. This also gives our coaches and athletic trainer access to emergency contact information, allergies, medical conditions, etc. from the field/court.


DragonFly School Code: VTCJQQ

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